Marinate chicken in curd, turmeric and salt

Grind together onions, ginger and garlic to a rough puree

Set aside

Grind tomatoes also to a rough puree and set aside

In a kadhai or deep bottom pan, heat oil and add jeera, bayleaf, cloves and cardamom

Once the jeers starts spluttering, add the onion paste

Cook for about 12 minutes stirring every few minutes

The onion paste should become a light brown in colour and then add tomato puree

 Add meat masala, coriander powder and chilli powder and mix

Cook this for 3-4 minutes till you can see a little oil separating on the sides and top

Add chicken and dry roast it in the masala for a minute or two

Add water and mix well

Add green chillies, bring to a boil and then lower the flame and cook this covered for 30-35 minutes till the chicken is tender

Curry is ready!