Marinate mutton with salt, turmeric powder and curd. 

Fry the whole spices with ghee and oil

Add sliced onions and fry them till brown

Add chilli powder, turmeric powder and garam masala

Add chopped tomato chunks and fry lightly

Add marinated mutton and roast well for a few minutes

Add milk and water and stir to combine.

Pressure cook on medium for  25-30 minutes

Cook basmati rice until par boiled. Strain the rice  keep aside.

Add crushed saffron to hot milk and allow it to infuse.

Layer the biryani starting with mutton masala and fried onion

Sprinkle coriander and mint leaves

Top with basmati rice and spread it around

Drizzle saffron milk and ghee

Cook on low for 20 minutes and turn off heat

Rest for 10 minutes and serve along with some raita and salan!