To start making the samosa dough or pastry, mix together flour and salt and add ghee. Work the ghee in till it resembles bread crumbs

Start by adding 1/2 cup water and knead it into a stiff dough

Cover the dough with a damp cloth and set aside

Crush the coriander seeds, saunf (fennel seeds) and methi (fenugreek seeds) roughly

Add the spices to the pan. Fry the spices till aromatic, then add ginger, garlic and green chilies and stir fry for a minute or two

Add the remaining spices, mashed boiled potatoes and salt.

Use a potato masher to just mash everything together and then mix it

Add the curry leaves right at the end, give it one more good mix and then set the mixture aside to cool

Take a lime sized bowl of dough, roll it between your palms till smooth

Roll it out into a circle which is less than 1 mm thickness and about 6 inches in diameter. Cut the rolled dough in half

Take one edge of the straight side, and place it on the other edge of the straight side in such a way that the dough forms into a cone

Place a tablespoon and a half of the filling in the cone, making sure to fill it only 3/4th of the way

Brush the inside of the unfilled dough with a little water and seal it by pinching the edge together

Heat about 2 inches oil in a pan. Add the samosas to the oil making sure not to overcrowd the pan, and reduce the flame to a simmer

Fry the samosas on a low flame till golden brown on both side. It's important to fry them on a low flame, or the pastry will remain uncooked from inside

Take them out on a plate lined with paper to absorb any extra oil and serve them immediately with ketchup, coriander chutney or tamarind chutney

Happy Cooking :)